Friday, July 29, 2011

Now On Gabriola

Hello Folks,

Stevie B. at the Roxy (Gabriola's coolest performance venue) asked me to write 100 words to clarify what Now On Gabriola was about so he could write about it in his "Roxy Raves"…it turned out to be more like 250, but I thought when I was done it might be worth sharing….

Now On Gabriola Dot Com started from one of those “wouldn’t it be great IF” conversations and developed from there…wouldn’t it be great if there was one spot where people could go to find out who is performing and when; wouldn’t it be great if there was one spot where you could find the island’s dining choices; wouldn’t it be great if when people were looking for performers they could find a directory of those who wish to be out there performing; wouldn’t it be great if presenters of shows had a place they could check a date to ensure they wouldn’t be in conflict with anyone before booking that date; wouldn’t it be great if musicians, presenters and restaurants had a centralized location for getting their information out there….wouldn’t it be great!

As an artist I am constantly reminded of the importance of public awareness and participation in the arts. Easy access to information concerning events staged by performing artists helps to preserve our culture and assists individuals to have a meaningful experience within the community. Also, as an artist and a festival organizer, I have been blessed in having had some very rich experiences, and I have been taught some very valuable lessons. I once shared a workshop stage with Lyle Lovett at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. I asked him after our workshop how it happened that Texas songwriters became so popular. He responded that the scene in Austin became strong for the following reasons: The presenters would have performers back constantly; with this work the artists had the opportunity to grow and develop their art; and finally the audiences would support the artists and venues by coming out to support what was becoming superb music. This combination made the scene so strong it became intriguing and attractive to outsiders, and therefore became exportable.

I hope that Now On Gabriola can contribute in a small way to the cohesiveness and strength of the amazing performing arts, culinary arts, and creative community here on Gabriola.

© Tim Harrison